survey results are in

The survey results are in!

Many thanks to everyone who filled in my survey! I really appreciate your feedback. A copy of my eBook “Top Tips for Successful Painting” will be on its way to you soon.

With almost 220 responses and I am delighted with the very positive feedback I have received.  It validates my decision to embark on the next phase of my instructional career – writing eBooks, filming more DVDs, and writing a book or two on painting.

So I am busy at my computer creating content that will be available to everyone once I open my on line store.

This is all very exciting! Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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About Marianne

For Marianne painting is a celebration of the endless beauty to be found in the natural world and an expression of my concern for its preservation. Her hope is that her work will inspire in the viewer an appreciation of nature’s gifts and contribute to a greater collective environmental consciousness so that we may tread lightly on this earth of ours.



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