Birches In Fall II

Facets of Nature Solo Show

“Facets of Nature” is my current solo show at the Southlake Gallery in Newmarket, with 22 paintings of landscapes, florals and abstracts.


About Marianne

For Marianne painting is a celebration of the endless beauty to be found in the natural world and an expression of my concern for its preservation. Her hope is that her work will inspire in the viewer an appreciation of nature’s gifts and contribute to a greater collective environmental consciousness so that we may tread lightly on this earth of ours.


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    Thank you for all those marvellous paintings! Especially those flowers, they are absolutely stunning! I hope you won’t mind that I tried to imitate your Apple Blossom as a birthday gift to my mum. I was astonished by every graceful turn you made on the flower petals and how lively those leaves are. Thank you, sincerely. I knew this may sound ridiculous, but I found the light of my life.

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