by Marianne Broome

Unique creations inspired by nature. Quality pieces at affordable prices.

Custom orders are available. You select the colours and the look. A stunning piece of jewelry can be made for a special occasion or to match a certain outfit.

Each piece of jewelry is individually designed and handcrafted with great care by Marianne.
She incorporates semi-precious stones, hand painted ceramic, porcelain, lampwork, and carved wooden beads. Other exciting finds include gorgeous golden horn and exotic antique or new beads from other lands such as Africa, Peru and Afghanistan. Marianne also uses fossils, driftwood, beach glass, found stones, beach pebbles and other natural elements.

The look ranges from dressy sterling silver with beautiful beads and pendants to more earthy organic pieces, often featuring antique brass or antique silver for a more casual feel. Semi-precious stones may be used in their more natural unpolished shapes. Some are strung on leather or suede to compliment the natural look of the stones or contrast with silver or brass beads. High quality zinc or metal alloy beads are a good substitute for sterling silver or gold in many cases to keep the prices affordable. Some pieces feature hammered silver, copper or vintage brass and many of the metal components are made by hand.

Marianne’s goal is to meld the gifts of nature into quality, wearable works of art that show off the beauty of the organic treasures. 

Please contact Marianne for further details. [email protected] or (905) 939 7007